Vitalie Tarlev

Andrei Rusnac

Information security expert, Co-founder of the “Comunitatea Internet” Association

In period 1999-2017 – law enforcement authorities (ICT and information security sector). From 2008, Andrei Rusnac is a national Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) expert, from 2011 - a national information security expert. In period 2012-2017, he was a national Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) expert at the Council of Europe. During the entire period of professional activity, Andrei performed several large-scale information security audits of the activities of the largest state organizations, technical and legal expertise of more than 30 legislative initiatives. He is an author of the National Information Security Concept, of laws on Critical infrastructure and on licensing entrepreneurial activities in technical and cryptographic information protection. He stood at the origins of creation of the national PKI and an author of the entire current regulatory framework in the field of electronic signature.